Voltitude are world experts in HAPS and Satellite technology.

Our team have extensive experience of the full scope of the engineering life cycle, from initial requirements all the way through to manufacturing and operations – all whilst embracing a system engineering and total safety philosophy to manage scope, quality and cost during delivery whilst upholding the required safety criteria.

Our team has experience across a wide range of technical disciplines and levels of detail, from detailed PCB design following hardware design processes, up to system architecture and regulator engagement. We can provide consultancy type services or perform bespoke design projects.

Systems Engineering

Voltitude can bring extensive system engineering expertise to a project. Services include requirements management, technical planning and gate reviews, qualification and acceptance policy and system engineering management. Voltitude can also perform parametric studies, system performance modelling, environment and weather analytics and concept of operations / mission statistical analysis to mature your concept from idea to reality.

Aerodynamics, Structure and Flight Control Engineering

Voltitude can provide services in aerodynamics, aeroelastic, flight control and structural modelling across an extended flight envelope and in response to non standard gust models. We also carry out detailed structural design of thin wall carbon composites, tooling and structural modal analysis.

We can also advise on the technical management of wind tunnel campaigns for low Reynolds aerodynamics and design bespoke aerofoils and propellers for your application or review existing designs.

Power Systems Engineering

Voltitude can design and implement complete power solutions, from integration of advanced battery cells into strings with on board safety management PCBs, through to pack design and high efficiency charging systems.

Voltitude can design advanced triple junction solar array architectures for space and solar powered aircraft and advise on string sizing, cell protection architecture, integration and environmental qualification.

Electronics and Software Engineering

Voltitude have extensive experience of electronics design and qualification for aerospace and space application.

We can provide expertise on power architectures, FPGA design, RF circuits, data buses, data links and EMC, and how they can be qualified for use in high radiation harsh thermal environments typical for space and high altitude applications.

We can also provide expertise in embedded software design including a full life cycle approach including MISRA / DAL C requirements. We can also advise on software / electronics design processes as part of a holistic product assurance and qualification and acceptance process.

Regulatory Compliance and Safety Engineering

Voltitude also has the expertise to carry out safety engineering at the outset of any project and can write preliminary system safety assessments, including functional hazard analysis and track this through project delivery culminating in a final system safety assessment. This approach can cover all areas of activity to engage in a ‘total safety’ approach to engineering design.

Our team has a track record of this process and early engagement with some of the worlds toughest regulators and has carried out safety cases and been granted approvals on multiple continents.

Operations and Maintenance

Our team has a combined experience of over 5000 hours of unmanned aircraft and satellite operations, from bespoke test campaigns, and commissioning tests to regular and routine operations. Our team have performed roles such as Satellite Operators, Remote Pilot in Command and Flight Test Engineers across multiple flight campaigns.

We can advise on airspace integration, meteorology requirements and mission planning, operating procedures, maintenance manuals and design for human factors.